Wednesday, October 27, 2010

it's been a while/NEW Adventures of Old Simerly's

Wow...I haven't done this "blog" thing in a while.  I can't seem to find time to shower much less write in a blog.  (kidding of course).

Well since I have last posted Noah fell down the stairs at home, hit his head, thus a concussion.  Hopefully that is all healed now.  His latest injury is a broken foot.  The bone between his big toe and his foot (you know on the GROWTH PLATE) well he broke that!!!  Just walking, bless his heart.  He is growing SOOO fast that his bones and his body can't keep up.  He has literally grown almost 6 full inches since January.  He's a big boy.  NOT FAT, just a big tall, big boy!  We are waiting til Monday to see if he will be able to play basketball this season.

Grace is growing tall as well.  I always thought she would be a short petitie little thing but nope, she is gonna be tall too.  She has (overall) had a better 4th grade experience than 3rd grade.  She has had some ups and downs but she is trying.  She is in the afterschool program at her school and it gives her time to socialize and get her "wiggles" out...I really think this was one of the best decisions I have made on her behalf.  It seems to be helping her get through the school day with a brighter outlook.  She knows she is gonna get to play with her girlfriends for 2 hours.

My little one, Nathan, who has just done SOOOO well up to this point is starting to have a few "issues" with behavior at school.  He has found that he HAS a voice (remember we were told he may never walk or talk) and he uses this voice to say NO.  Sometimes he says "NO" to people he should NOT say no to!  Just this week he has decided he didn't WANT to participate in what they were doing in gym so he said "NO" can't make me....AND HE DIDN'T!  Well, if that didn't humble a parent enough, the very next day he decided he didn't want to participate in MUSIC either so he "JUST SAID NO".  Wow, now if I can make sure he will JUST SAY NO to drugs as a teen right?   I have found that this little boy can be the most stubborn of my children.  When I do stop to really think about him though, how on earth could he have gotten to this point in life if he hadn't been stubborn.  15.5 ounces, 9 inches and 20 blood transfusions in the first 3 months of life.  Retina's detached & put back on....oh I could go on and on but you get the picture.  He is ONE STUBBORN lil' boy!

I have done a lot of soul searching the past few months and have come to some new "AHhhhh HAaaa" moments.  I need to elaborate on those but hubby just walked in the door and I need to get dinner ready for the family.  Tonight is Church night!

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  1. love that stubborness...thanks for the blog...we went through the growing so fast stuff w/my middle son who is a big boy (not fat, just big)..sort of felt like he was an accident waiting to happen! have a great day...